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2008 Common Cause Award Recipient
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How do I get electric service?

To establish service, call NStar (formerly Boston Edison) at 800-592-2000. You will have to tell them your name, employment data, complete address information (both old and new) and your Social Security number. If you are renting, NStar will also require your landlord's name and phone number. If the prior tenant has an outstanding balance with NStar, you will need to show proof that you will be a new tenant.

What choices do I have under deregulation?

Deregulation of utilities aims to provide consumers with choices. In that spirit, consider the following companies that offer utilities, including electric, gas, service contracts, local and long-distance phone, oil and cable-TV. See the list the state provides. Among those the state lists are: (which claims to provide a variety of services)

Select Energy (electric and gas)

In all cases, you must check to see what services the comapny offers in Arlington.

How do I get gas service?

(see notes about deregulation)

To establish service, call KeySpan Energy Delivery (formerly Bostongas) at 617-469-2300 or 1-800-732-3400. You will need to tell them your name, complete address information (both old and new) and your Social Security number.

How do I get telephone service?
(see notes about deregulation)

The area code for Arlington is 781. To establish telephone service:  Call Verizon at Verizon at 1-800-870-9999 or RCN at 1-800-746-4726  or COMCAST at 1-888-633-4266.

What's needed: your name, employment data, complete address information  (both old and new), your old phone number, and the name or phone number  of the former occupant of your new location.

Note: Companies offering phone service will need to know the type of service  you want, residential or business. When you call, ask for an Arlington Yellow  and White Pages. Both will help you find valuable services available to  you here in Arlington.

How can I get information about public transportation?

To find out about bus and subway routes, schedules and fares, call:

        Main number (customer service, travel): 617-222-3200
        TDD: TDD-222-5146
        Toll Free: 1-800-392-6100
        Lift Bus: 1-800-LIFT-BUS
        The Ride 617-222-5123

        Pass program/ Pass by Mail: 617-222-5218
        Pass by phone: 617-222-3200
        Customer relations (complaints/commendations): 617-222-5215

What bus should I take?

Several important bus routes go through Arlington; they take you to Alewife  Station, Harvard Square, Davis Square, Lechmere Station and the Burlington  Mall. The fare is 90 cents. Special fares are available for seniors (65+)  and persons with disabilities. Children under 5 ride free and, those from  5 to 11 pay half fare when accompanied by an adult. You can buy monthly passes online.

The major routes through Arlington include:

62: Bedford, VA Alewife (via Arlington Heights)
67: Turkey Hill - Alewife Station (via Arlington Center and Lahey, formerly Symmes)
77: Arlington Heights - Harvard Square (via Mass. Ave.)
78: Arlmont Village - Harvard Square (via Park Circle)
79: Arlington Heights - Alewife Station (via Mass. Ave.)
80: Arlington Center - Lechemere Station (via Medford Hillside)
84: Arlmont Village - Alewife Station (via Route 2 service road)
87: Arlington Center - Clarendon Hill - Lechemere Station (via Somerville Ave.)
350: North Burlington - Alewife Station (via the Burlington Mall and Arlington Center)

Where do I get the subway?

Alewife station, in north Cambridge, is the closest stop to Arlington on  the Red Line of the subway connecting to all MBTA lines for greater Boston.  You may also want to consider the Davis Square stop in Somerville. Trains  run every 10 to 12 minutes, depending on the time of day. The fare is $1.25.  Special fares are available for senior citizens (65+) and persons with disabilities.  Children under 5 ride free, and those from 5 to 11 pay half fare when accompanied  by an adult. You can get to Logan airport in about 40 minutes from Alewife and to South Station in about  20 minutes, where you can catch Amtrak or buses. You can buy monthly passes online.

What are the rules for parking in Arlington?

Overnight parking is not allowed from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. on public streets in Arlington, except for emergencies. In those situations, call the police information number, 643-1212. (DO NOT CALL 911 FOR OVERNIGHT PARKING REQUESTS OR OTHER NON-EMERGENCY CALLS!) Police usually will not ticket your car that night. In snow emergencies, no on-street parking is allowed for 24 hours after the snow emergency is declared. Local television and radio stations broadcast emergencies that have an impact on school closings and parking.

(Note: There is a large municipal parking lot near Route 60 and Mass. Ave., across the street from the Minuteman Bike Path entrance. There is also a smaller lot behind Not Your Average Joe's restaurant, Mass. Ave. Both parking lots charge 50 cents an hour during business hours, and you can purchase tickets from machines in the lot. (Monday - Saturday, Sunday FREE).  Overnight parking in both lots is by Permit Only.

How do I register my child in school?

To register a child in the Arlington Public School system, contact the Office of the Superintendent, Arlington High School, 869 Mass. Ave., PO Box 167, Arlington, Mass. 02476, or phone 781-316-3500 for the school nearest to you.

What you need: health record, birth certificate, and previous report card.

To participate in or learn more about public education in Arlington, contact the office of the Superintendent for a copy of the brochure "How Can I Get Involved? Organizations That Influence Public Education in Arlington" or contact Judi Bohn , volunteer cordinator, at 316-3573.

Arlington High School , 869 Mass. Ave., (grades 9 through 12)
Ottoson Middle School , 63 Acton St., (grades 6 through 8)
Elementary schools : (kindergarten through fifth grade)
        Bishop , 25 Columbia Road
        Brackett , 66 Eastern Ave.
        Dallin , 185 Florence Ave.
        Hardy , 52 Lake St.
        Peirce , 85 Park Ave. Ext.
        Stratton , 180 Mountain Ave.
        Thompson , 70 N. Union St.

How do I pay my taxes and water bills?

Property taxes are due quarterly -- on Feb. 1, May 1, Aug. 1 and Nov. 1. Questions? Call 781-316-3030. Water bills are due semiannually on dates determined by property location. Change-of-property owner cards are available from the treasurer's office. Notify the Registry of Motor Vehicles to ensure correct billing of excise tax. For further information, call the treasurer's office at 781-316-3044. You can also look up your bills here .

Is there trash pickup and recycling in Arlington?

Arlington has weekly curbside trash pickup and biweekly recycling. Call the Arlington Public Works Department (781-316-3300) to obtain a schedule for pickup and a blue recycling bin.

Recyclables: newspapers, magazines, metal cans, plastic or glass bottles or jugs. Boxes and packing material should be cut up into manageable sizes and bundled.

Large non-recyclable objects: (for example, old refrigerators) call the Public Works Deptartment and ask to arrange for a pick up. Also, you should ask about any special safety requirements, such as removing the door from a refrigerator.

Yard waste: seasonal pickups in the spring and fall for yard waste and lawn trimmings.

Hazardous Waste: Lexington Land Fill, Hartwell Ave., Lexington. Call Arlington Public Works for schedule, or check out the DPW news link.

Who do I call for cable-TV service?
(see notes about deregulation)

Arlington has two cable providers -- Comcast and RCN. To initiate cable service, you can reach Comcast at 1-888-633-4266 or RCN at 1-800-746-4726. Comcast offers local cable access (ACTV, Channel 8). RCN has access to Comcast feeds, but as of the fall 2000 was showing only selectmen and School Committee meetings on its Channel 3.

How do I register to vote?

To Register: apply in person at the Town Clerk's office, Town Hall or fill  out a registration form and mail it to the Clerk's Office. Mail-in forms  are available at the Town Clerk's office, libraries, post offices, Registry  of Motor Vehicles offices and state social service offices. Registration  closes 20 days before an election. The Arlington League of Women Voters  offers rides to the polls for all elections. For more information on registering,  voting, precincts, how to obtain absentee ballots, polling places, hours  or to obtain a ride call 781-316-3076 or 781-316-3077.

How do I pursue a warrant article for Town Meeting?

Changing any town bylaw requires Town Meeting approval. To get Town Meeting to act, write a warrant article for Town Meeting (Town Counsel John Maher will help), get the signatures of a minimum of 10 registered voters and submit it to the Board of Selectmen. Once an article is on the ballot, selectmen, the Redevelopment Board (zoning articles) or the Finance Committee (financial articles) hold hearings and then make recommendations to Town Meeting. After that, backers of an article must persuade a majority (two-thirds for zoning) of Town Meeting members to vote for the proposal. Special Town Meeting articles require a minimum of 100 signatures of registered voters.

How do I run for Town Meeting?

To run for Town Meeting, a citizen must get on the ballot by obtaining at least 10 signatures from registered voters in his or her precinct. If elected, a Town Meeting member is among 252 such legislators. You must be a resident of the precinct you represent at the time of the filing of nomination papers. If you move elsewhere in town after an election, you continue to represent your former precinct until the next election.

Check with the town clerk's office (second floor, Town Hall) regarding vacancies. The office maintains a list of those who have taken out papers. Four vacancies are open annually, as three-year terms expire. If someone moves or resigns, there are more.

Political veterans know to obtain more than 10 signatures, because 10 valid ones are required, and some may be disqualified. You may sign your own nominating papers.

Arlington has 21 precincts and 252 Town Meeting members.

Time commitment for Town Meeting members: Monday and Wednesday nights from 8 to 11, starting the last Monday in April. In recent years, Town Meeting has lasted about a month.

Where is my precinct?

The Arlington League of Women Voters maintains information about precincts.

Where do I call to report a streetlight outage?

In December 2004, the Town of Arlington announced it has contracted with Republic Electric  to handle all streetlight replacements in Arlington. Any person wishing to report an outage may call Republic Electric at  1-800-544-4876

How do I set up a block party?

The usual practice is to have a letter signed by the neighbors involved in the party as well as those abutter affected. They submit the letter to the selectmen's office, which forwards it to Community Safety. The party givers are required to talk to the Police Department about how neighborhood participants expect to keep the party safe and traffic appropriately routed.  You can download full instructions here.

What are some frequently called phone numbers?

Dial 911 for emergencies, fire, police or ambulance.
Reporting a downed wire or power outage: NStar 1-800-592-2000
Reporting a power outage to police: 781-643-4000
Reporting (emergency) gas leak to KeySpan: 1-800-231-5325
Animal Control: 781-316-3950
Board of Health: 781-316-3170
Chamber of Commerce: 781-643-4600
Council on Aging: 781-316-3400
Fair and Affordable Housing: 781-316-3091
Fire Business: 781-316-3924
Human Rights Commission: 781-316-3251
Human Services: 781-316-3250
Police Business: 781-316-3923
Recreation: 781-316-3880
Robbins Library: 781-316-3200
Schools: 781-316-3500
Town Clerk's Office: 781-316-3070
Town Offices: 781-316-3000
Veterans Services: 781-316-3166
Youth Consultation Center: 781-316-3255
Other town, school phone numbers

Bilingual/Emergency Help

Emergency, Emergencia, díurgence, Notfall 911
Police, Policia, Policja, Polizei, 911
Fire, Incendio, Au feu, Fogo, Al Fuoco, Feuer, 911

Additional Assistance
International Institute of Boston: 617-695-9990

What if the Public Schools are Closed?

School delays or cancellations are first reported at this Web site and on Arlington e-mail lists . The superintendent calls the Webmaster the day of a storm or the night before, and the closing or delay is posted. After that, the information is broadcast on WBZ (1030 AM), WEEI (850 AM) radio stations, and WCVB-TV Channel 5 (television). The fire whistle sounds at 6:30 a.m. to announce no school in the middle and senior high schools, and at 7:45 a.m. for no school at the elementary schools.

Where can I find out about Arlington's arts?

To learn about the activities of the Arlington Center for the Arts at 41 Foster St., call 781-648-6220. Additional information can be obtained from the reference section of the Robbins Library.

Where can I find out about Youth Services?

Arlington Boys and Girls Club at 60 Pond Lane: To learn about activities and membership in the, call 781-648-1617.

Arlington Fidelity House at 25 Medford St.: To learn about activities and membership in, call 781-648-2005.

Arlington Recreation at 422 Summer St.:  To learn about activities for youth and adults, call 781-316-3880.

Where can I find out about Senior Services ?

For a free directory of senior services in Arlington, contact the Arlington Council on Aging, 27 Maple St. (behind Town Hall) at 781-316-3400, or check the online Directory of Senior Services.

Do I have to register a pet in Arlington?

Dogs are the only pets requiring registration in Arlington. To register a dog: call 781-316-3070 or apply in person at the Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall.
What is needed: completion of the Application for Dog License, certificates of spaying or neutering and vaccination where applicable, and the appropriate fee($15.00 male/female or $10.00 if neutered male/spayed female).

Where do I register a Motor Vehicle?

To register: contact the Registry of Motor Vehicles at 617-351-4500 for the office that offers the type of service (i.e. license, registration, transfer of title, etc.) nearest to where you live. Or reach the RMV online.

The closest full service registry to Arlington is the Watertown Branch, Department of Motor Vehicles, 550 Arsenal St., Watertown Mall, Watertown, Mass.

Hours: Monday - Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.; open on Thursdays until 7 p.m.

Partial service is offered at the Galleria Mall in Cambridge, 100 Cambridge Side Place; Hours: Monday-Friday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Does the town have a place to hold a reception, wedding?

The Whittemore-Robbins House  and Town Hall  are available for wedding receptions, etc.

Contact the Director of Human Services at 781-316-3260.

Where are the post offices in town?

Main Post Office, 10 Court St.,781-648-5376
East Arlington branch, 240 Mass. Ave. 781-643-4482
Arlington Heights branch, 1347 Mass. Ave. 781-643-3888

Contact or call any post office for a Change of Address Form.

Arlington ZIP codes are 02474, 02475, and 02476. Please check with Post Office for your ZIP code.

Where do I register a business?

To register: call 781-316-3070 or apply in person at the Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall. Click here for additional business information.

What are some of key annual celebrations in town?

Town Day
Encompassing a weekend in September, around the birthday of Samuel Wilson (Uncle Sam), Town Day is a series of community events and activities organized by volunteers and town officials. Visit the Town Day section for more information.

Patriots' Day
Arlington celebrates its importance in the American Revolution with a road race, battle re-enactments and a parade on the Patriots' Day holiday. For a schedule of events, consult The Arlington Advocate or visit this Web site.

When is Town Hall open?
Town Hall is open Monday through Wednesday from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.; Thursday from 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.; and Friday 8 a.m. – noon.
*Holiday hours are posted on the website. For more information about Town Hall, please click here.

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