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Mission Statement

The Arlington Fire Department will strive for excellence in the performance of our duty and service to the community and the customers we serve.We are committed in finding better ways of protecting the lives and property of our citizens from the ravages of fire and other disasters and devoted in working together for the betterment of our community.

Ethics and Values

Knowing that firefighters are held to a higher standard of conduct, the firefighters of the Arlington Fire Services Division will make every effort to uphold those standards that are entrusted to us.We will take an active role in maintaining a professional image of the Fire Service through promptness, efficiency and dedication to duty.

Communicating with the Public

We will serve the public with courtesy and respect, providing assistance wherever our skills and talents are needed.We will be ever vigilant in promoting awareness of fire hazards and in educating our citizens of all ages.


“The Right Response, On Time, Every Time"