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Marijuana Study Committee Reference Material for STM Article 2

Post Date:11/27/2018 2:00 PM


Marijuana Study Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes
The Marijuana Study Committee met twice during October 2018 to discuss the proposed zoning amendments for marijuana establishments:
October 10 Agenda and Meeting Summary
October 17 Agenda and Meeting Summary
The Study Committee will meet again as necessary.

Materials Reviewed by the Marijuana Study Committee
At the October 10th meeting, the Marijuana Study Committee received and reviewed the following items:
A background memo on the research that was completed to prepare the initial zoning amendments,
The initial zoning amendments as drafted by Department of Planning and Community Development staff dated October 2, 2018, and 
Mapping analysis of a 500-foot and 300-foot buffer around public and private schools serving kindergarten and grades one through twelve.

At the October 17th meeting, the Marijuana Study Committee was primarily focused on the various buffers around specific land uses. The Study Committee received and reviewed the following items:
Revised zoning amendments dated October 15, 2018, and 
Composite mapping analysis of various buffers under consideration by the Study Committee dated October 16, 2018.

Recommendation of the Marijuana Study Committee
At its October 17th meeting, the Marijuana Study Committee voted to recommend certain zoning amendments for adult-use and medical marijuana establishments to the Arlington Redevelopment Board. The recommended amendments included a 500-foot around public and private schools serving kindergarten and grades one through twelve, a 200-foot buffer around the public libraries, and a 300-foot buffer around Town-owned playgrounds and recreational facilities.
Recommended zoning amendments dated October 17, 2018
Composite mapping analysis of buffer areas and detailed analysis around libraries

ARB Public Hearings on Zoning Amendments
Members of the Marijuana Study Committee provided testimony to the Arlington Redevelopment Board during its public hearings on November 5 and November 7, 2018.
View the presentation made at the ARB Hearing on November 5
Watch the November 5th hearing via ACMi
Watch the November 7th hearing via ACMi

About the Marijuana Study Committee
The Marijuana Study Committee will review and make recommendations regarding zoning amendments for marijuana establishments, including those for adult-use marijuana and Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers, in compliance with M.G.L. Chapter 40A and other state regulations. This group will formulate and recommend uniform regulation and licensing requirements relative to recreational and medical marijuana, while protecting the public health, safety and welfare of the community. The following individuals are the members of the Marijuana Study Committee:

Adam Chapdelaine, Town Manager
Andrew Bunnell, Arlington Redevelopment Board, Chair
Jenny Raitt, Planning and Community Development, Director
Dan Dunn, Select Board, Chair
Mike Byrne, Inspectional Services, Director
Christine Bongiorno, Health & Human Services, Director
Fred Ryan, Police Chief
Doug Heim, Town Counsel
Sarah Augood, Town Manager Appointee
Joe Moen, Town Manager Appointee
Paul Czech, Town Manager Appointee
Jordan Weinstein, Town Moderator Appointee
Kristina Cairns, Town Moderator Appointee

Any questions may be directed to Erin Zwirko, Assistant Director of Planning and Community Development, at 781-316-3091 or

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