The Facilities Department sets and maintains standards for all Town and School buildings and assets. Department goals include: assisting in extending the asset life of existing facilities, adding value to facilities by enhancing their condition, adding additional reliability to capital budget requests, separating operating and maintenance budgets, and improving the operational efficiencies for the current level of maintenance expenses.

Facilities Department Responsibilities
Set and Maintain Standards for all Town/School Buildings and Assets
- Utilizing the Arlington Maintenance Policy and Plan, create standards for all facilities which could include health and safety, preservation of assets, special permit requirements, degree of need, life cycle of asset class, and cost to maintain asset.
- Ensure maintenance is done in a timely and cost effective manner as necessary to insure the long term health of Town assets.
- Capture all required facility information in database.
- Develop tools for measuring and reporting the progress of the Town’s investment in maintenance.
- Provide measurable results for maintenance levels in all facilities.

Ongoing Procedures
- Annually utilize maintenance records to identify assets needing capital investment, replacement, improvement, adjustments in the routine maintenance or new levels of maintenance for all properties.
- Ensure baseline data is collected and added to the software database for all properties.
- Report annually on costs by facility (school, library, etc. and by systems type (roof, HVAC, etc.)
- Submit annual maintenance plan and budget including all buildings and assets to Town Manager. Submit annual report on patterns of problems including trends in emergency maintenance calls, actual costs of maintenance, opportunities for preserving current assets and for improving asset maintenance.