Community Outreach

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1.  S.A.F.E. Program - Student Awareness of Fire Education 

All elementary school children participate in an the program lead by members of the Arlington Fire Department.  It is made possible through a state-funded grant entitled the S.A.F.E. grant.  The Program, Student Awareness of Fire Education is geared towards school students because it is proven that fire safety education is the key to saving lives and property from fire. We as fire safety educators are committed to teaching fire safety and want you and your family to be fire safe every day.  For this program to be a complete success, we need your support.  A few minutes spent as a family discussing fire safety practices can produce a lifetime of results.  Please review with your families, what to do in an emergency, check for hazards in your home, test and replace batteries in your smoke detector, practice a “fire drill” at home and make your home safe from fire.

 Our instructors discuss selected fire safe topics from the “Learn Not to Burn” curriculum produced by the National Fire Protection Association.  All of our SAFE educators are committed to the community and its future leaders.  Please do not hesitate to forward your questions or comments to the Arlington Fire Department at 781-316-3800.

 Every fall the program features an Open House given by the Arlington Fire Department in conjunction with Papa Gino's.  The event is held at Fire Head Quarters located at 411 Mass Ave.   Kids can enjoy learning more about fire safety, touch a fire truck and fill up on pizza.  Check back for the Open house date and time.  We look forward to seeing you there.


2Help Us Help You Program - This program was designed by the Arlington Fire Department to ensure that vital information can be accessed on an emergency scene.  By simply filling out this emergency information sheet and attaching it to your refrigerator with a magnet you will in turn Help Us Help You.  Every second counts when the Arlington Fire Rescue responds to a 911 call and having this vital information within an arms reach can really go a long way in making sure that residents of Arlington get the best and most efficient care that they deserve. 

Just download, print and fill out the Help Us Help You sheet and attach it to your refrigerator.  This sheet as well as Fire Department magnets are available for pick up at Fire Headquarters 411 Mass Ave during normal business hours or look for our booth at multiple town events, including Town Day and Flu-clinics.  Note: If printing your own copy we advise using bright paper so it will stand out on your refrigerator, we use green.

If you need assistance filling out the sheet, please don't hesitate to contact (781) 316 - 3816.  We will be happy to help or schedule an appointment with The Council Of Aging, which have nurses on staff.