License & Permit Fees

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Permits & Fees as of June 23, 2016

Smoke Certificate Inspections for Home Sales are Monday-Friday 1 p.m.- 4 p.m.
Call 781-316-3800 to schedule an inspection.

   Schedule of permit fees for the installation of fire detection and extinguishing systems required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Building Code:
 Permits for Hazardous Activities
Permits granted under Section 10A, Chapter 148 of the Massachusetts General Laws:
Oil burner installation or alteration: $50.00
Oil burner removal: $50.00
Oil tank installation: $50.00
Oil tank removal (above ground): $50.00
Oil Tank removal (under ground):
Up to 999 gallons - Residential: $50.00
Up to 999 gallons - Commercial: $120.00
Over 999 gallons - Residential: $120.00
Over 999 gallons - Commercial: $200.00
Tar kettles: $50.00
Certificate of Approval - flammable liquid tank trucks: $50.00
Underground Flammable Tank - Removal/Relocation            $360.00
Permission is required before following permit is Issued
Supervised display of fireworks: $100.00
Installation of liquefied petroleum (LP) equipment:                        $50.00
Storing of gunpowder and small arms ammunition: $50.00
Blasting of rock: $100.00
Keeping, sale and use of model rocket engines: $50.00
Use of salamanders for drying construction materials: $50.00
Supervised firing of cannon: $50.00
Cutting/welding/hotwork (details and requirements) $50.00
Floor Finishing (necessary if any flammable liquids used) $50.00
Installation of Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems
Plan review required before permit is issued: $50.00
Fire detection and alarm system shut down for alteration and minor repairs $50.00
Fixed chemical, powder or inert gas extinguishing systems: $50.00
Sprinkler or Standpipe test or shutdown for alteration or minor repairs            $50.00
Fees for Fire Safety Services:
Connection/Disconnect private Fire Alarm Master Box to the Municipal system $120.00 plus materials
Private fire alarm system tests: $50.00
Fire alarm master box annual fee: $500.00
Licenses for land for explosives and Inflammable materials: $1,800.00
Fire and Life Safety Inspections $50.00
Miscellaneous Inspections and Fees: $50.00
Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Inspections
1 family dwelling: $50.00
2 family dwelling: $80.00
3 to 5 family dwelling: $100.00
6 family dwelling and above: $200.00
Research for 21E
Research for underground fuel storage $100.00 per hour per address (one hour minimum)
Penalty for Premature Work
Where any work is started without a permit, all required fees will be twice the scheduled fee.
Request for Copies
Reports or Records $25.00
As of January 1, 2015 all permits for new installations for Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Systems are handled by the Building Dept.