MA Firefighter Examination Information

The Fire Services Division strives to prepare its firefighters to perform to the best of their ability in the event of any type of emergency incident. Arlington Firefighters are trained on all aspects of firefighting and emergency medical techniques. The AFD routinely practice their skills year round.

During the winter months firefighters practiced cold-water rescue training on Spy Pond by donning and doffing self-contained breathing apparatus and floatation suits saving one another to become proficient at cold-water rescues.

During warmer months ladder drills are common, focusing on proper selection and placement of the various size ladders that the Fire Services Division employs. Other outdoor drills includ the application of water using the different size nozzles and master-stream appliances used during firefighting operations. Boat drills are conducted to reinforce launching and starting techniques of the rescue boat.

When buildings are available, Arlington Firefighters will practice their firefighting skills. Before demolition, fire personnel are able to practice roof ventilation techniques through the use of power saws on flat and pitched roofs, placement of ground ladders and hydraulic aerial ladders. Hose advancement and search and rescue operations are utilized using a smoke simulation machine. Interior firefighting tactics and strategies are practiced along with both aerial and ground ladder operations. The Fire Services Division greatly appreciates the use of these structures. The experience and knowledge gained from this training is invaluable.

Every firefighter is re-certified annually in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and in the use of external cardiac defibrillation. All EMTs are re-certified bi-annually through Office of Emergency Medical Services.