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AYCC Services

Agency-Based Services
The Arlington Youth Counseling Center (AYCC) offers a variety of services including: individual and family counseling; group counseling; and psychopharmacological services.

Individual & Family Counseling
AYCC provides individual and family counseling to Arlington residents whose presenting problems involve children or adolescents ages 3 to 21.  Children learn and develop through a wide range of activities and experiences.  AYCC approaches each child and family in a flexible manner, working with clients to find the mode that works best for them.  This process involves an intake assessment – gathering individual background information, family history, level of current functioning, problem areas and strengths – resulting in a treatment plan.  Common areas of concern that people bring to AYCC are:  parent-child conflicts, family changes such as divorce or loss, alcohol or substance abuse, depression, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, major mental illness, school adjustment, social relationships, and behavioral concerns.  Modalities available at AYCC include:  talking therapy that is cognitive or insight oriented, play therapy, expressive therapy, sandtray therapy, Project Adventure challenges, and social skills training.  Emphasis is placed on involvement with both parents and children, based on the idea that neither parent nor child is at fault for problems within the family.  

AYCC offers a variety of groups.  These include groups to support domestic violence survivors and grandparents who are raising children.  There are also a wide range of groups offered to students at all levels of the public school system.  Please contact us to learn more about what groups are currently being offered.

AYCC employs a part-time psychiatrist, who is available for medication consultation, prescription and ongoing follow-up for family members involved with AYCC services.  Medication need is carefully assessed making sure parents and children are involved in all decisions.   

School-Based Services
The school-based counseling program is a contracted program between AYCC and the Arlington Public Schools. This provides mental health counseling services to individuals and groups of students in the Arlington Public Schools.   The school-based counselors are responsible for:
•       Individual and group counseling for regular and special education students.
•       Assisting in handling emergency and crisis situations when they arise in the school.
•       Communication with parents whose children are seen in the school-based counseling setting.
•       Communication/consultation with teachers, principals, nurses, or other staff on a regular basis.
•       Participation in Learning Teams and IEP meetings.
•       Making referrals for outside services such as Boys and Girls Club, Big Brother/Big Sister Programs, AYCC agency-based counseling, or other mental health services.