LINKS Program

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The LINKS Program (Linking Neighborhood Kids with Senior citizens) matches students from the Ottoson Middle School with seniors who need help with outside chores such as leaf raking, yard or garage clean-up, weeding, planting, moving trash to the curb, etc. Students are paid $7 an hour, but may be additionally rewarded for commendable work. For safety purposes, students may not use power tools, such as snow blowers or lawn mowers.

Snow removal is a popular request. The cost will vary according to the size and difficulty of the storm and should be agreed upon at the time. Please note that students are able to shovel reasonable amounts, but cannot be expected to remove huge driveway or corner ice mounds left by plows, which require heavy equipment and adult strength. If there is school, the students will not be able to come until the afternoon.

Seniors with questions or requests for LINKS services should call Shannon Murphy at the Council on Aging, 781-316-3404. She will review the projects and obtain necessary information relating to your request. The information will then be forwarded to the Ottoson Middle School Liaisons.  Please note that it takes a few weeks for students and seniors to be LINK'd.

This program runs throughout the school year only and LINKS services are not available during the Summer months.