Click here to read what Town's minimal staffing planTown officials continue to monitor the spread of the novel coronavirus and coordinate regionally to make the best decisions for the safety of all our residents. We understand these actions will have a tremendous impact on all members of our community. Taking action now is doing our part to slow the spread of the virus, reduce the number of people infected, and to avoid overwhelming our health care system.

March 30 Coronavirus Update

Today Governor Baker announced several initiatives to expand the health care workforce and create capacity to relieve pressures on hospitals as the state plans for an upcoming surge in COVID-19 cases. Baker reports expanded testing will be key to managing the crisis. Read the full release.

Cases Continue to Rise
There are currently nineteen positive cases of COVID-19 in Arlington. We continue to believe this number may provide a false sense of security to residents as numbers in the region and across the state increase at a rapid rate. As of March 30th there have been 5,752 confirmed cases in Massachusetts, 1,141 in Middlesex County, and 56 reported deaths associated with COVID-19.

Arlington Parks and Bikeway Congregating Complaints
The Town has received many complaints of people congregating in parks and on the Minuteman Bikeway. Public health officials urge parents and guardians to talk to their children about congregating with their friends. If children meet in groups, even small ones, it can put everyone at risk. There should be no play dates and no groups of youth playing sports.

Pedestrian Signals to Become Automatic
In the coming days pedestrian crossings on Mass Ave and Broadway in Arlington will become automatic. Signage will be placed by crossings when the change has been made. When the change is made, you will no longer need to press the button. Just wait for the light to change. After Mass. Ave. and Broadway crossings are changed, other signals around town will be made automatic and signage placed when done.

Practice Social Distancing / Only Conduct Essential Errands

It is imperative that everyone regardless of age, stay at home and away from non-family contacts. If you have to go out to conduct a necessary errand, like grocery shopping, picking up medication, or checking in on a neighbor who may need assistance, it is crucial you practice social distancing (keep 6 feet away from others).

Do Your Part
What we do today, and in the coming weeks, will impact the future. Your choices matter. Social distancing works. As difficult as it is to social distance, we all have to do our part and work together to keep our neighbors healthy and avoid overwhelming our healthcare system and their workers.

6 Feet at 6PM
Connect as a community, visually and virtually, each evening at 6pm.
6 Feet at 6PM is a community initiative where every evening at 6:00 p.m. Arlington residents connect safety (more than 6 feet apart). Go out on your porch or look out your apartment window and wave to neighbors. Check in via email, phone, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or otherwise engage online. The point is to check in with each other at a safe distance – 6 Feet at 6PM - to make sure we are all OK as a community. We'd love to see examples in your neighborhood; spread the word, share photos and video on social media with the hashtag #Arlington6At6.

Register to Receive Arlington Alerts, Town Notices, and follow us on Social Media
We encourage residents to visit the Communications Center and sign up to all these methods to ensure you receive them. Having multiple ways of receiving updates from the Town during this time ensures you receive them in the event of any technical difficulty.

Closures and Restrictions

Arlington Suspends Take-Out Service Inside Food Establishments
Starting March 24th at noon, Arlington restaurants will no longer be permitted to allow customers inside their establishment. Restaurants will be required to provide curbside pick up or delivery only. The Health Department also encourages food establishments and patrons to utilize payment with credit card either online or via phone to limit person-to-person interactions.

Arlington Public Schools Closed Until May 4th
Arlington school closures will be extended to May 4thin conjunction with the state order made on March 25th. 
Read an FAQ compiled by APS.

Arlington Libraries
The libraries may be physically closed, but there's still plenty to do. Learn more at

Parks & Playgrounds Usage
CLOSED: Playgrounds, Peirce Field (behind Arlington High School), Thorndike Dog Park, Tennis Courts, and Basketball Courts 

Arlington playgrounds (areas with play structures of any kind) are closed until further notice. 
Parks and fields will remain open for passive use ONLY. No congregating, group activities, or game playing is allowed. Please maintain a distance of 6 feet from other people while enjoying these spaces.

Gyms Closed
Arlington Gyms will be closed March 17th – April 6th, at a minimum, in our continuing efforts to reduce the spread of this virus.

All Personal Care Establishments Closed
Starting immediately all personal care establishments (hair salons, nail salons, massage establishments, etc.) will be closed to reduce the spread of COVID-19. At this time, closures are until April 6th.

Gov. Baker Orders All Non-Essential Businesses To Cease In Person Operation
Issues Stay at Home Advisory Until April 7th
March 23rd, Governor Charlie Baker issued an emergency order requiring all businesses and organizations that do not provide “COVID-19 Essential Services” to close their physical workplaces and facilities to workers, customers and the public as of Tuesday, March 24th at noon until Tuesday, April 7th at noon. These businesses are encouraged to continue operations remotely. Read a list of essential services.

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Additional Resources

Have a question? Please refer to the Massachusetts 211 help line to answer your coronavirus questions. Open 24/7 and in 150 languages. Please listen to the prompts carefully to get directed to coronavirus information.

Click here for CDC Info and Update on COVID-19

Click here to read coronavirus updates and information from Massachusetts