HHS Staff Directory

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Health Department Staff

Name Title Telephone Email
Christine Bongiorno Director, Health & Human Services  781-316-3170  cbongiorno@town.arlington.ma.us
Natasha Waden
Director of Public Health 781-316-3173  nwaden@town.arlington.ma.us
Laura Munsey Administrative Assistant 781-316-3172  lmunsey@town.arlington.ma.us
Joe Carabello

Sealer, Weights and Measures

781-316-3193  jcarabello@town.arlington.ma.us 
Jessica Kerr Public Health Nurse 781-316-3140  jkerr@town.arlington.ma.us
Pat Martin Lead Health Compliance Officer 781-316-3169  pmartin@town.arlington.ma.us 

Kylee Sullivan

Health Compliance Officer 781-316-3264  ksullivan@town.arlington.ma.us

Council on Aging Staff

Name  Title Telephone  Email 

Lourie August Social Worker  781-316-3410 laugust@town.arlington.ma.us
Shannon Murphy   Information & Referral  781-316-3404 smurphy@town.arlington.ma.us
Chris Angell Administrative Assistant 781-316-3402 cangell@town.arlington.ma.us
Kristine Shah

Acting Director

781-316- 3403 kshah@town.arlington.ma.us
Marci Shapiro-Ide Social Worker 781-316- 3419 mshapiro-ide@town.arlington.ma.us
Joanne Sliney Council on Aging Nurse 781-316-3405


Executive Director