Reserve A Seat Campaign

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Jeffrey Chunglo, Arlington's Director of Veterans' Services has launched a grassroots campaign to honor fallen veterans on Memorial Day. Following the 2016 annual ceremony, Jeff went to a local establishment for lunch.  Not seeing any indications that this was a special day in our nation's history, he decided to take action.

He asked the bartender for another place mat.  On the back of the place mat he wrote," This seat is reserved in memory of our fallen warriors."  He asked the bartender for a beer. He poured the beer in the glass and set them on the place mat.  A few minutes later, the manager approached Jeff and told him that he would make sure it remained in place all day, honoring our fallen troops.

This year, Jeff has launched the campaign with the goal of adding meaning to this special day.  Most Americans view Memorial Day as the official kick-off to summer with cookouts and a shopping holiday.  Social gatherings are an important part of life, however, Jeff feels that the true meaning of the day has been lost.  

As part of his 2016 Memorial Day ceremony, Jeff was quoted as saying, "As we pay tribute to our fallen warriors, let us engage and educate our family, friends, and neighbors.  Share the true meaning of Memorial Day and the sacrifices made by our loved ones.  Help keep their memory alive and honor their service to our nation."

If you are a business willing to support this campaign, please contact Jeff's office for an electronic copy of the "Reserve a Seat" place mat.


Social Media 

If you see a "Reserve a Seat" place mat on Memorial Day, please raise awareness by taking a picture and posting it to the Arlington Veterans' Services Facebook page at:  Arlington Veterans Facebook   or on Twitter using    #ReserveASeat



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