The Information Technology Department is committed to the delivery of innovative technological business solutions to meet our Town Departments’ and School Districts' business requirements and strategic needs while enhancing the services provided to our residents. 

 Information Technology Department
David Good  Chief Technology Officer
Dan Sheehan  Deputy Director of Information Technology
Sayed Khodier  Assistant Director of Information Technology
Town Department Services and Support
Patti Brennan Sawtelle  Project Manager
Sue Distler  Senior Programmer
Adam Kurowski
 Director of GIS / Systems Analyst 
Christine Lambrych 
 Department Administrator 
Charles Norton
 Manager of Software Development
Li-Hsin Wu  IT Network Desktop Support
School District Services and Support
Jill Broughton
 Administrative Assistant
Jeffery Chew  Network and Desktop Support Technician 
Francis Dabarera
 Network and Desktop Support Technician
Pat Libby
 Assistant Manager of Network and Systems
Dennis Lowery  Manager of Academic Systems
Matt Pisano  IOS Support Technician
Andrew Willand  Network and Desktop Support Technician
Jean Zilewicz  Data Specialist

Additional Information

Town Staff Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy

School Staff Acceptable Use of Technology and the Internet Agreement