The Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB) strives to provide quality criminal investigative services for the Town of Arlington. It is a goal of the Criminal Investigations Bureau to provide a quality of service to those who have been victimized by crime. Regardless of the severity of the offense, the unit looks to advocate for all victims and keep them updated on the status of their case. CIB performs several functions of the police department, including:

Command & Staff General Investigations
Narcotics Investigator Fingerprinting Services
Domestic Violence
Annoying Telephone Calls
School Resource Officer Do Not Call List
Prosecution Identity Theft
Evidence Domestic Violence
Property Scams

The Detectives investigate, prevent, and solve crimes against people and property. They investigate crimes such as: larcenies, burglaries, robberies, annoying telephone calls, identity thefts, fraud, theft, sexual assaults, arson, and homicides. The Criminal Investigations Unit is responsible for evidence/crime scene processing, drug investigations, writing & executing search warrants, the coordination and presentation of cases to prosecutors, assisting other agency detectives, conducting surveillance, maintenance of the town’s Sex Offender Registry Information, follow-up of domestic incidents, and other general investigative services in support of our overall police mission. Members of the division are also responsible for juvenile issues.

All detectives have specialized training to ensure that they are up to date with current law and techniques. Investigators are also trained in processing crime scenes to include latent fingerprint recovery, DNA, photography and the identification and collection of evidence to be used in criminal prosecutions. This allows them to collect, process, and examine all forensic evidence and present expert testimony in court cases. A goal of the division is to investigate every case to its fullest extent and to bring each case that warrants criminal charges to a successful conclusion in court.

Detectives attend regional monthly detective meetings where they share information about crimes and crime trends with other local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies.

Additionally, members of the Division work with and assist other law enforcement agencies to include local police departments, the Middlesex County District Attorney, the Massachusetts State Police, as well as the FBI, DEA, ATF, ICE and the Secret Service at the federal level.

Command & Staff

This division is commanded by the Professional Standards/Investigations Captain and consists of one Lieutenant and nine full time detectives. These include two Narcotics Detectives, a Family Services Officer, a School Resource Officer, a Police Prosecutor/Evidence Officer, and four Detectives.
The Detective Supervisors review the solvability factors of cases and determine which have a probability of being solved and then assign cases to detectives for a follow-up investigation. Detectives also develop many self-initiated cases through their contacts in the community.

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Narcotics Investigator

The Narcotics / Vice Control Unit is responsible for investigating violations of the controlled substance laws. This unit develops information from citizens and informants, conducts surveillance of suspects, arrests violators and conducts numerous searches when authorized by warrants issued by the Court. Detectives are assigned to both the Drug Enforcement Agency at the Federal level and the (SMCDTF) Southern Middlesex County Drug Task Force at the local level.
In addition to arresting violators, this unit initiates forfeiture proceedings to seize vehicles and other property used by drug dealers to conduct their illegal business.

Helpful links:
Arlington Youth Counseling Center
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Get Smart About Drugs
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School Resource Officer

The Arlington Police Department along with Arlington Public Schools have partnered together to have a police officer act as liaison between the schools and police department. This specially trained officer is called a School Resource Officers, or “SRO’s” for short. It is this officer’s role to help enhance school security and provide law enforcement education and counseling. Officers act as a resource to teachers, parents, and students by providing direction or advice on law related issues.

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Our commitment does not end with the arrest of a suspect. Detectives work with prosecutors to ensure that a case is presented in a professional manner and that as a result of our investigation; the Commonwealth is able to present the strongest case possible to the Court. The Police Prosecutor is assigned as a liaison between the Middlesex District Attorneys’ Office, the Cambridge District Court, the Cambridge Juvenile Court, and the Middlesex County Superior Court. The Police Prosecutor monitors cases as they proceed through the judicial system and actively communicate with the District Attorney’s office, Victim-Witness Advocates and the Clerk of Courts office.

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Evidence / Property Management track hundreds of pieces of evidence and property each year. They range from drugs, firearms, bicycles, recovered property and general evidence. The detectives work closely with the Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory in Sudbury for the processing of evidence such as latent fingerprints, DNA, firearms, and sexual assault kits.

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A Detective is responsible for cataloging and storing every piece of property that comes into the custody of the Arlington Police Department. The unit will secure property until it is disposed of by Court Order, by Statute, or until it can be returned to the lawful owner. 

Disposal: If an item cannot be returned to the rightful owner, it will be disposed of in compliance with Mass. Gen. Law, Chap. 134, Sec. 8, 9, and 10:

This law allows the department to:

Hold for one year.
Return to the finder.
If currency, deposit with the town treasurer into an account set up for this purpose.
Sell at auction.

The Department contracts with to auction off surplus property. Traditionally, the bulk of these auction items are made up of bicycles and smaller lots of tools, electronics, jewelry and other recreational equipment.

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General Investigations

The General Investigations Unit is responsible for the bulk of investigations that are reported to the Arlington Police. Crimes against persons and property are the most common crimes that are investigated by general investigators. The detectives follow up on most crimes where the suspect is not immediately known or arrested. These detectives specialize in interviewing victims/witnesses, controlling crime scenes, recovering evidence, apprehending suspects and preparing major cases for prosecution. 

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Fingerprinting Services

Fingerprinting Services are available tor Arlington Residents on Tuesdays between 8:30 AM through 3:30 PM. Please bring in proof of identification. A fee of $5.00 dollars is required. NO CASH ACCEPTED. The department will accept either a personal check or money order made out to the Town of Arlington. To schedule an appointment please call the Criminal Investigation Bureau at 781-316-3910.

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Annoying Telephone Calls

If you are receiving annoying and harassing telephone calls, they can be investigated. To fulfill the requirements of the MGL Ch. 269, s14a, the victim (person receiving the calls), must receive three or more telephone calls that cause the victim to be harassed or annoyed.

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Do Not Call List

If you wish to no longer receive telephone calls from telemarketers you may sign up for the “Massachusetts Do Not Call List” through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation at:

Massachusetts Do Not Call List
FTC Do Not Call List
Unwanted Telephone Marketing Calls

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