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Report-Off-Leash-DogThe Animal Control Officer provides domestic animal control services to the community. The Animal Control Officer enforces Town By-Laws as well as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts animal control laws under M.G.L Chapter 140 Section 136A through 174F. The Animal Control Officer responds to citizen requests for services regarding animal bites, loose animals, barking or dangerous dogs, injured animals, and other requests for service.  The Animal Control Officer is also available to provide advice on dog behavior, wild animal avoidance and education events.

You must contact the Animal Control Officer if you are bitten or severely scratched by an animal, your pet has been bitten by an animal or your pet has bitten a person or pet.

Please note that it is the law to rabies vaccinate and keep the vaccination status current for your dog, cat or ferret. You are also required to license your dog annually in the State of Massachusetts. Please feel free to contact the Animal Control Officer if you need more information about licensing or visit the Town Clerk’s office to pick up an application.

List of offenses and fines that follow:

Off Leash:

1st offense: $75
2nd offense: $100
3rd offense: $150
4th and subsequent offenses: $200

Feces Disposal:

1st offense: $75
2nd offense: $100
3rd and subsequent offenses: $150

Failure to License:

Even if you are not an Arlington resident, you still need to have your dog licensed: $50

Failure to Display Dog License Tag: