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The Arlington Police Department has implemented a new program that will help officers locate residents who are at-risk of wandering from home and becoming lost. The new program is called Safewatch, a feature of Delphi Technology Solution's Digital HeadQuarters (DHQ) software, which compiles information about residents ‘at risk’ for potentially wandering or going missing, including the elderly, individuals with dementia and children with autism. The software will store information that will help police locate a missing individual, such as a photo of the person, his or her verbal abilities, and more.

Family members, parents and friends of residents who have Autism, Alzheimer's, Dementia, and other cognitive disorders are encouraged to fill out APD's Vital Emergency Information Form with as much information about their loved one as possible. This information will be used to aid in situations where an 'At Risk' resident is found or is missing. Through this initiative the hope is to return loved ones to their homes or programs as quick and as safely as possible.

Please fill out this form as completely and as accurately as possible and include a picture. Return to APD, in person or by mail (112 Mystic Street, Arlington MA 02474 ATTN: Safewatch), or by email to