The Traffic, Details, and Licensing Unit is a unification of three units that formerly operated independently or within a different division but have been combined because of the overlap in workload. The unit currently consists of a Lieutenant, Sergeant, and patrol officer who all fall under the command of the Support Services Commander.

The Traffic Unit is responsible for investigating serious/fatal traffic crashes, enforcing all motor vehicle laws, issuing citations if necessary, and educating the public on traffic safety. Officers assigned to the unit have received special training including crash investigations and reconstruction and radar certification.

The equipment used by the Traffic Unit includes; semi-marked police cars, motorcycles, and an SUV for crash reconstructions. All motorcycle officers receive extensive training prior to operating their motorcycles and equipment.

Parking Control Officers fall under the command of the officer in charge of traffic, details & licensing. They are uniformed, civilian personnel assigned to patrol for parking violations primarily in the business districts of town.

School traffic supervisors are also under the supervision of the officer in charge of traffic, details & licensing and are assigned to specific intersections for school children to cross safely. School traffic supervisors are issued uniforms and safety equipment and are trained to effectively carry out their mission in ensuring safety while crossing our children on their way to/from school.

The unit coordinates and manages safety officers at construction sites as well as any other location or event that might require a detail officer. This includes work zone safety planning for any area where vehicle or pedestrian traffic might be impacted. They are responsible for scheduling and assigning the officers as well as all billing matters in regards to details. The detail supervisor can be contacted at 781-316-3906.

Traffic Rules & Orders
Overnight Parking
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