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The Department of Public Works (DPW) is made up of several working divisions including Administration, Cemetery, Engineering, Highway/Water/Sewer, Motor Equipment Repair, and Natural Resources. With a staffing strength of 74 full-time personnel, it is the goal of the department to provide citizens, boards, commissions and other town departments with superior service and support through the consistently managed efforts of the department.

The Engineering Division provides a wide variety of support services to other DPW divisions, various Town departments, commissions, contractors, public utilities, and to the general public. The Engineering Division works closely with the Highway, Water, and Sewer Division upgrading and improving the infrastructure of the Town by providing surveys, engineering design, construction plans, field layouts, and field inspection services. The Engineering Division also provides technical design and specification for municipal infrastructure improvements, oversees contracted maintenance of the Town’s traffic signals, reviews and makes recommendations on the impacts of planned private construction projects, reviews and provides regulation on proposed private way projects and improvements.

The Highway Division is responsible for the maintenance of over 100 miles of roadway and support equipment and machinery necessary to deliver core services to Arlington. In this section you can find, Street Cleaning Schedules, Snow & Ice Policy and any ongoing Highway project updates.

Recycling in Arlington includes yard waste, trash collection, white goods, household hazardous waste, CRT/TV collection and more. In this section you can find Recycling news, tips, calendars, and guides.

Water & Sewer
The Water & Sewer Division maintains an extensive system of water, sewer and hydrants. Arlington relies on its delivery of water and processing of sewerage from the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA). In this section you will find MWRA information, water rates and any current Water & Sewer projects.

Parks & Fields
Arlington has over 150 acres of Park area. In this section you can find field conditions, a list of parks in Arlington and how to obtain permits and permission to use them.

Trees fall under our Natural Resources Department. In this section you will find information on what to do if you suspect a Town tree is in need of pruning or dying, how to request a tree planting and other information related to trees in Arlington.

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Established in the 1840s, Mt. Pleasant Cemetery is a non-denominational cemetery serving the residents of Arlington. In this section you'll find rules, regulations, rates and contact information.