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The columbarium contains a total of 204 niches and each will accommodate up to 2 urns of human remains only.

Front rows will consist of 96 niches.
Back rows will consist of 108 niches.
Interior dimension of niche measures

9.5” high
18” wide
11.5” deep

Niches will be sold pre-need to current Arlington residents. A verified Arlington Resident will be allowed to buy 2 niches, though they do not need to be in the same row or next to each other. Exception will be made to recent out-of-towners who meet the current criteria of the Rules and Regulations.

Veterans will be allowed to mark the niche face plate with a small medallion offered by the Veteran’s marker program placed to the left of the birth year. Size allowed will be 2” x 1½” x 1/3” which is the small medallion on Form 40-1330M. If a Veteran has served in multiple branches, they will be allowed up to 4 medallions.

No decorations, flowers, solar lights, etc. will be allowed to be affixed to the front of the niche face plate, at the wall itself or on the top of the columbarium. Flowers from the funeral may be placed at the time of funeral only and will be removed by noontime the following day.

Top 3 rows:             $1800.00
Bottom 3 rows:        $1400.00
Inurnment opening:  $ 100.00
Non-resident fee:     $   25.00
Overtime charge:     $ 500.00

Non-resident fee will be waived for a resident leaving Arlington to enter a nursing home.

Overtime charge of $500.00 will apply for Saturday and holidays.

Columbarium Niche Engraving Policy
1. All names and dates must conform to this policy.

2. If a faceplate does not adhere to this policy it will be removed, replaced and engraved in accordance to this policy, all at the owner’s expense. A new faceplate will cost $400.00.

3. Only the first name, middle initial and last name is allowed with the years (only) of birth and death centered underneath.

4. The first name centered and engraved on the faceplate will be that of the person who is to be inurned first.

5. Each faceplate can accommodate two names with the years underneath for a total of 4 lines on each plate.

6. Even if a niche is bought by a person for their use only, their name must be centered at the top in case another name is added at a later date.

7. Should a buyer prefer the names to be in a particular order, they may have all of
the engraving done at the time of the 1st inurnment.

8. No additional engravings or adornments will be added to the faceplate.

9. A military medallion is the only decoration allowed to be affixed to the faceplate.

10. There will be a 1 1/2 inch margin all the way around the plate.

11. All lines and years will be centered.

12. The Modified/Condensed Roman font will be the only one allowed.

13. Letters will be 1 1/4 inch high and the dates will be 1” high.

14. The inside of the engraved letters will be painted black.

15. All engraving is to be done on site.

Per Order of
The Arlington Cemetery Commission
July 1, 2017