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Mission Statement

The Engineering Division provides a wide variety of support services to other DPW divisions, various Town departments, commissions, contractors, public utilities, and to the general public. The Engineering Division works closely with the Highway, Water, and Sewer Division upgrading and improving the infrastructure of the Town by providing surveys, engineering design, construction plans, field layouts, and field inspection services.

The Engineering Division also provides technical design and specification for municipal infrastructure improvements, oversees contracted maintenance of the Town’s traffic signals, reviews and makes recommendations on the impacts of planned private construction projects, reviews and provides regulation on proposed private way projects and improvements.

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Public Records Requests:

Requests for on-file records, tie-cards, maps, and plans may be made here.

Name Title  Phone 
Wayne Chouinard, PE
Town Engineer 781-316-3320 

William C. Copithorne, PE

Asst. Town Engineer 

Vincent Kilcommons Civil Engineer 781-316-3324