Street Occupancy & Trench Permit Application

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Dig Safe MassachusettsStreet Occupancy & Trench Permitting

In accordance with the Town of Arlington Street Occupancy & Trench Permit Regulations, licensed and approved contractors wishing to occupy or work in the Town's Right-of-Ways or perform work associated to any Town-controlled Utilities shall obtain a permit from the Department of Public Works prior to commencing work, unless otherwise specified in the Town's Street Occupancy & Trench Permitting Regulations. 

Permit Fee Sheet
Street Occupancy & Trench Permit Regulations
Sewer, Water & Drain Regulations and Specifications

5-Year Paving/Roadway Construction Moratorium

No Street Occupancy or Trench Permits will be issued on newly constructed/paved roads for a period of five (5) years after the roadway is constructed or paved, unless work is deemed emergency in nature.

2019 Street Moratorium Map

Standard Construction Details

×Roadway Construction Details
Water Construction Details
Sewer Construction Details
Drainage Construction Details

Additional Resources

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DTE 98-22
Massachusetts Trench Laws and Regulations
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