Stormwater Information

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Stormwater management is vital to ensuring the health of our local and regional brooks, streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes. Improper stormwater management can lead to water quality impacts that limit the ability of the community to enjoy these natural resources. The Town of Arlington is committed to enhancing the water quality of our local water bodies and has enacted a Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) which will help the Town target drainage infrastructure improvements with this goal in mind. Please review the SWMP to learn more about the steps the Town will be taking to protect our natural resources. In addition to the SWMP, initiatives, educational programs, and helpful links concerning the impact of stormwater discharges on water bodies in Arlington and how the Town and residents can reduce those impacts can be found below.

Read prevention tips you can take to help the Town improve stormwater quality.

Stormwater Awareness Series - The series is designed to educate businesses and residents on Stormwater and the impacts on runoff, water quality, flood control and prevention, erosion, and other stormwater related impacts within the Town. Hosted by Arlington's Engineering Division these public presentations are open to the public. Click the link about to find out about upcoming presentations or to view past session.

Arlington's Stormwater Mitigation Bylaw - Stormwater runoff from private properties can carry nutrients and other contaminants into our local waterways. The Town's bylaw requires property owners to mitigate the impacts of additional stormwater flow and volume from their property should they undertake a project that increases impervious area on their property by 350-SF or more.  All projects which meet this Bylaw's thresholds shall require a design be submitted to and approved by the Engineering Division.  Guidance to help an applicant through the design, review, and approval process can be found in the Engineering Division's Stormwater Management Standards

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