Cemetery Decorations

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Cemetery Decoration Policy

No bushes or shrubs are to be planted in the AA-HH sections or in flat marker sections. Any plants that were previously planted and require replacement will not be allowed to be replaced. All tree planting requests for the cemetery must be approved by the Cemetery Commission.

Flower beds, in appropriate areas, are required to conform to size and will be placed not more than 8 inches from the face of the monument. Flowerbeds are not allowed in the AA-HH or flat marker sections. Artificial flowers are not permitted to be placed on or in the ground anywhere throughout the cemetery.

No enclosures of any kind/material are allowed, including fences, ditches, curbs, stones, boxes, urns or granite enclosures.

No lights are allowed whatsoever, including candles, vigil lights, solar lights, strings of lights, any type of light that is operated with a battery or battery pack. These items are also not allowed to be in effect while a visitor may be at a gravesite.

No shepherd hooks or other items are allowed that would compromise the safety of the ground crew as maintenance routines are carried out. When in doubt about an item, please ask the Supervisor.

Potted plants, flowers, baskets and cemetery logs are allowed on any given holiday or on a day that signifies a special occasion, i.e. an anniversary or birthday. Wreaths or sprays of evergreens will be allowed during the Christmas season

All flowers and decorations will be removed starting 10 days after a holiday or special occasion and may be subject to removal if it becomes unsightly before 10 days are up.

The cemetery will not be responsible for, or damage to, any flowers, decorations, holders, statues, receptacles or any type of memorializing item that is left at a grave. The cemetery suggests not placing items of any actual or personal worth at the graves. Any items will be replaced or fixed by the family and not the cemetery.

The cemetery must take into account the wellbeing of the cemetery grounds as well as the conservation land that sits within the confines of the cemetery. Therefore no decorations are allowed on conservation property.

All visitors to the cemetery who wish to keep a memorializing item are encouraged to return to the gravesite within the appropriate amount of time and remove it themselves for safekeeping.

The cemetery asks that for any specific requests or questions regarding this policy please see the Supervisor or address your concerns to the Cemetery Commissioners.