Food Scrap Diversion

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30% of your trash may be food scraps

It's time to take back the power of our food scraps!

Food scraps could be as much as 30% of our trash-- let's put that wet organic material to a higher use.

With three different ways to divert your food scraps, Arlington's food scrap diversion program is easy to join.

Composting in Arlington- backyard compost bins for sale, only $25 for Arlington residents

Backyard composting instructional video

 Earth Machine compost bin photo

FEED FiDO drop off - a free way to test if diverting food scraps works for you

food scrap drop off

Curbi = Curbside Subscription Service

organics, cart, food scraps

Be among the first 500 households to sign up for Curbi and get a free starter kit!

Who picks up the food scraps?

Four private companies are permitted to haul food scraps in Town: Black Earth Compost, Bootstrap Compost, City Compost, and Garbage to Garden. We encourage residents to check out the different services and choose the one that best fits your schedule and budget. These four private subscription services come to your home weekly to collect your food scraps for making compost or making methane gas (anaerobic digestion).

How do I get my free starter kit?

Once you sign up with a private service, let the service company know if you would like some or all of the Arlington starter kit. The service provider will then send DPW your name and address and we'll add you to our Curbi program list. Stop by the DPW to grab the starter kit anytime during business hours: M-F 8 AM to 4 PM and Thursdays until 7 PM at 51 Grove Street.

What's in the starter kit?

1. A 13 gallon green cart like in the image above. Note not all of the subscription services use this style container. No problem. You can always come and pick up the other two parts...
2. A sink-side food scrap collector. There are two styles to choose from.
3. A roll of BPI certified 3 gallon compostable bags to line your sink-side collector. Be sure to ask your service if they accept BPI certified compostable bags.

Any additional bags you purchase also need to be BPI certified, look for the logo before you but, see below.

certification required for biodegradable bag brands

Not sure you're ready to pay for a subscription service? Looking for a free option?

Check our Feed FiDO, our free drop off pilot program. FiDO has two publicly accessible locations, but before you can participate we ask that you read the User Agreement and Register, linked here.

FiDO (which stands for Food scrap Drop Off) accepts only vegetarian food scraps- please do not include animal products. Baked good with butter and eggs are fine, as are egg shells, but do not include cheese, dairy or meat/seafood/bones.

What else do we waste when we waste food?

National Resources Defense Council infographic

Infographic used with permission from National Resources Defense Council