The Jefferson Cutter House has facilities that allow it to function as a meeting room or an art gallery. The room is located on the ground floor of the building at the corner of Mystic Street and Mass Ave.

The room has a variety of uses. including art exhibition space. Artist looking to show their work should contact Nancy Lea Flynn at 781-643-2520.

The room is available to Town groups, capacity limited to 30. Basic accommodations such as tables, chairs, kitchenette, and rest rooms are available.

Only steps away from Arlington Center, the location is accessible by public transportation. A public parking lot is located at the rear of building. Please read the rental policy for rules and restrictions. For more information, contact Mary Muszynski at or call 781-316-3229. Reservation calls are returned weekdays at 3:00pm.
Click here for directions to the Jefferson Cutter House.

Jefferson Cutter House

Updated on 05/09/2014 11:53 AM