Rental Policy

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Updated 1/04/2011

  • The meeting rooms are available only to local governmental and non-profit groups serving Arlington, for educational, informational, or cultural meetings or programs.  All meetings and programs must be open to the public unless prior written permission has been granted by the ARB or its designee.  A letter must be provided with the group’s 501( c ) 3 IRS number or the group’s charter, demonstrating the group is public.
  • No admission fee may be charged nor items sold by any group without prior written permission from the ARB or its designee.  Request should be made to the Director of Planning and Community Development on the application form.  If admission is charged, the ARB reserves the right to charge a room use fee.
  • Use of the meeting rooms for official Town purposes will take precedence over all other reservations.  The ARB reserves the right to transfer a group to another area if necessary.  
  • The rooms can be reserved by Town government affiliated groups no more than 1 year ahead of time.  Non-profit groups can reserve the rooms no more than 4 months ahead of time.  
  • The User is responsible for set up of chairs and tables, and for returning the room to its original condition.  All trash and waste must be placed in the dumpster or trash container behind the building.
  • The kitchen adjacent to the Central School Meeting Room, and the Jefferson Cutter Meeting Room, are available to those using the meeting rooms.  Users must provide all of their own supplies, and leave the room in its original condition.
  • The piano and electric organ are not available for use.   
  • No smoking is allowed in any public building.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be served in meeting rooms.
  • Neither the ARB, nor the Town of Arlington will be responsible for injury of persons or property while the building and grounds are used by any group.
  • Reservation calls are returned weekdays at 3:00pm.  

Liability to Persons and Property

Any approved applicant agrees to assume liability for any and all personal injury or property damage resulting directly or indirectly from the applicant’s use of the premises.  The approved applicant further agrees to hold the Town and its Committee, agents and employees harmless from any and all liability, claims or assessments arising out of the applicant’s use of Town property.

The Town assumes no responsibility and expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility for damage to personal property belonging to the applicant, guests, or employees in or on the premises, for injury to persons invited to the premises or employed by the applicant for any purpose whatsoever.

The applicant shall agree to be responsible for and to reimburse the Town for any loss or damage to the building, its contents, equipment or grounds by the applicant, guests, employees or servants.

The Town reserves the right to require Personal Injury Liability Insurance with a minimum of $250,000, naming the Town of Arlington as additional insured.  The applicant will be apprised of this requirement at time of confirmation of your event booking.