Mission Statement

To advise and assist the Arlington Youth Counseling Center (AYCC) and to work in partnership with other agencies in the prevention and treatment of issues relating to the youth and families of the Town..



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Board History

The Youth Services Board of Arlington was established by town warrant in the 1970s in response to concerns about the wellbeing of children, youth and family in our community.  The original charge of the group was to support and promote activities and projects that ensure healthy youth development, services when needed, and opportunities to celebrate and engage Arlington’s young people.  Over the years, the Board of Youth Services (BYS) has been involved in several initiatives that have become town traditions that continue to exist today, such as Town Day, the Arlington High School’s Last Blast, Thanksgiving Basket food drive, and Holiday Help.  The BYS has maintained a steadfast commitment to this mission, with an active community presence for the past five decades.


In recent years, the Arlington Youth Counseling Center (AYCC) has emerged as the primary focus of BYS efforts due to the essential services it provides to Arlington’s youth and families.  In collaboration with AYCC leadership, BYS has supported AYCC’s evolution from a small, entirely town-supported agency toward becoming a thriving, community mental health center supported by a combination of town funding, health insurance reimbursement, community grants and donations. AYCC has grown from being a small entity into an agency providing over 5,350 counseling and psychiatric sessions to more than 350 youth and families last year alone. In 2015, the BYS members unanimously voted to revise our mission to formalize and specify our connection to AYCC in providing fundraising, outreach, and leadership in community initiatives with partner agencies and organizations. 


The BYS is comprised of 11 committed volunteers, each of whom brings unique professional experiences and interests, and who share a passion for and commitment to children and to the Town of Arlington.  BYS openings and official notices are posted on the town website.  Interested community members are encouraged to apply to be considered for membership.  Appointed members are confirmed by the Select Board for renewable, 3-year terms. Opportunities for community members to be involved with BYS on special projects and initiatives throughout the year are also available.  Volunteering can be an excellent way to get to know the organization and our work.  If you’re interested in learning more, please contact the BYS Board Chair, or members of the BYS listed on this website.

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