The 2014 and 2015 Annual Town Meetings voted to approve the Capital Planning Committee’s funding recommendations with
regard to conducting a feasibility/space study at the Central School. Specifically, the goal of the study would be to further inform
the Capital Planning Committee of both options and costs associated with renovating the main floor for the purposes of providing
21st Century senior and community center space.

Charge of the Committee
The Committee will be charged with reviewing proposals and interviewing firms interested in conducting the Feasibility Study for
the main floor of the Central School. The Committee will make a recommendation on which firm to select based on the quality
and relevance of the proposals and interviews. Once a firm is selected, the Committee will work with the firm throughout the
feasibility phase and will be expected to consider the cost/benefits of the options that are presented within the final report. The
Committee will begin meeting in July and should be prepared to make final recommendations to the Capital Planning Committee
in the fall. The expectation is that the Committee will meet twice a month.

Composition of the Committee
The Committee should include stakeholders that will have varying degrees of input throughout the initial stages of feasibility
through actual design and construction. The composition of the Committee should include individuals with expertise in senior
services, design and construction and finance. I request that the ARB consider that the Committee’s membership includes the

• Member of the Arlington Redevelopment Board
• Director of Planning & Community Development
• Deputy Town Manager
• Health & Human Services Director
• Director of Facilities
• Council on Aging Executive Director
• Member of the Council on Aging
• Member of the Arlington Senior Association
• Member of the Permanent Town Building Committee
• 2 Members of the Capital Planning Committee