Conservation Land Regulations

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Conservation Land Regulations (approved – 3/21/02)

Conservation lands provide a place for people to get away from the urban environment, but they are also home to the animals and plants that live there. As you enjoy conservation land be aware of these native inhabitants and treat them with care.

The following regulations are established on March 21, 2002 by the Arlington Conservation Commission under its authority (Chapter 40, Section 8C) to make regulations for Town conservation lands. A fine up to $100 shall be imposed on any person or persons violating these regulations. In addition any violations may also require remediation for any damages.

  1. Conservation areas are open daily from dawn until dusk.
  2. Do not remove, cut, or damage trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, or wildlife.
  3. Do not deface any natural or human-made objects.
  4. Do not dump or leave litter or garbage. Carry out what you carry in.
  5. Do not build fires.
  6. Do not feed waterfowl.
  7. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
  8. Hunting, shooting or trapping are not allowed. Fishing is allowed only where posted.
  9. Camping is not allowed.
  10. Bicycles are not allowed except on designated bike trails.
  11. Horses are not allowed.
  12. Vehicles are not allowed except for authorized maintenance activities.
  13. Cutting of trails, erection of signs, building of structures, digging of holes, or damming of streams is not allowed except by written authorization of the Commission.
  14. The use of conservation lands for commercial purposes is not allowed except by written authorization of the Commission.
  15. Additional restrictions may be established in some areas for wildlife and habitat protection.
  16. All public safety bylaws of the Town apply to conservation lands.