Policies on Submittal/Review

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Policy on Submittal and Review of Materials

Approved at July 20, 2000 meeting.

An applicant or applicant's representative shall provide eight (8) copies of all materials to the Commission in accordance with this policy.

The Arlington Conservation Commission will not accept any material from the applicant or the applicant's representative intended for discussion at subsequent meetings/hearings less than ten (10) days prior to that scheduled meeting/ hearing, or unless such materials are delivered to the home of each Commissioner seven (7) days prior to said meeting/hearing. Late filed materials shall be excluded from the record and shall be considered irrelevant to the decision. However, the Commission reserves the right on a case-by-case basis to grant a waiver to this requirement.

The Commission encourages applicants and others to submit documents on double-sided paper.

Source: Board member Nathaniel Stevens