Envision Arlington Town Goals

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Community and Citizen Service
We value Arlington’s geographic neighborhoods, common interest groups, and the sense of community in our Town. We value an active and compassionate citizenry delivering services in our community. We will be known for the vitality of our neighborhoods and as a community of people helping others.

We value the diversity of our population. Our Town’s mix of ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds, as well as economic and personal circumstances, enriches us. We will be known for the warm welcome and respect we extend to all.

We value learning for all Arlington citizens. We are responsible as a community for educating our youth and providing all ages with opportunities for educational growth. We will be known for demonstrated excellence in public education and our commitment to life-long learning.

We value the physical beauty and natural habitats of our Town – parks, ponds and wetlands, dramatic vistas and tree-lined streets – as they contribute to the well-being of our community. Recognizing the fragility of our natural resources, we must ensure that Arlington’s residential areas, commercial centers, and infrastructures are developed in harmony with environmental concerns. We will be known for our commitment to the preservation of Arlington’s beauty, limited open space and resources, as well as our place in the regional and global community.

Culture & Recreation
We value the many opportunities to meet, play, and grow in Arlington while treasuring and preserving our unique historical resources. Our social, cultural, artistic, historic, athletic, recreational, and other community groups strengthen Town life. We will be known for the breadth and richness of our resources and activities available to Arlington citizens.

We value public dialogue. Communication and information-sharing build trust. Our goals are true openness and accountability. Arlington will be known as a community that thoughtfully searches beyond divisive issues for the opportunities that bind us together.

Fiscal Resources
We value Arlington’s efficient delivery of public services providing for the common good. The benefits from these services and the responsibility of taxation will be equitably distributed among us. We will be known for our sound fiscal planning and for the thoughtful, open process by which realistic choices are made in our Town.

We value our representative Town Meeting system and the community spirit it fosters. Participatory governance is both responsive and innovative. We will be known as a community where government provides effective and efficient services, insures open two-way communication, promotes the lively exchange of ideas, and encourages active citizen participation.

We value Arlington’s diverse and accessible mix of merchants and service providers. We will be known for our vibrant, attractive commercial centers supporting the primarily residential and historic character of the Town.