Zoning Bylaw Working Group 

The Zoning Bylaw Working Group is a subcommittee of the Master Plan Implementation Committee. The group will assist with updates and revisions to the Town of Arlington Zoning Bylaw for recommendation to the Arlington Redevelopment Board and adoption at Town Meeting. This work will include, but not be limited to: follow-up work from the recent recodification of the bylaw; amendments to the Sign section of the bylaw; amendments to business zoning districts; and amendments to special permit requirements. These amendments will help advance key recommendations in the Master Plan and the Zoning Audit. The group will work with staff to implement the public participation process. The Department of Planning and Community Development will staff this group.

The Zoning Bylaw Working Group meets on the first Wednesday of each month in the First Floor Conference Room of the Town Hall Annex. Meetings begin at 8:30 AM and are scheduled for an hour.

Economic Analysis of Industrial Zoning Districts

DPCD and the ZBWG is working with RKG Associates on an Economic Analysis of the Industrial Zoning Districts. View the RKG Associates proposal. The tasks associated with this project include an analysis of the existing land uses within the Town’s current industrial zoning districts and developing recommendations that modernize the industrial zoning districts. The project goals include positioning Arlington to attract new businesses and jobs in emerging growth industries to the Industrial District; and creating opportunities through which Arlington can realize greater revenue with strategic amendments to the Zoning Bylaw and Zoning Map. This work is funded through an appropriation from the spring 2019 Special Town Meeting.

At the December 4, 2019 ZBWG meeting, RKG presented their findings on the existing conditions, market analysis and fiscal impact study.

RKG and Harriman joined the ZBWG on February 5, 2020, to present various land use scenarios based on our current Zoning Bylaw. This exercise will inform any potential zoning recommendations. 

RKG and Harriman joined the ZBWG for a virtual meeting on May 8, 2020, to present zoning recommendations and to discuss community engagement opportunities.

For more information, contact Erin Zwirko at or at 781-316-3091.

Working Group Members

Michael Byrne, Director of Inspectional Services
Adam Chapdelaine, Town Manager
Pamela Heidell, Conservation Commission
Charles Kalauskas, Master Plan Implementation Committee
Christian Klein, Zoning Board of Appeals
Jennifer Raitt, Director of Planning and Community Development
Stephen Revilak, Town Meeting Member
David Watson, Redevelopment Board
Ralph Willmer, Master Plan Implementation Committee
John Worden, Town Manager appointee
Erin Zwirko, Assistant Director, Planning and Community Development