The Arlington Select Board has established a Parking Advisory Committee (PAC) consisting of representatives from stakeholders throughout Arlington. This group works with appropriate Town staff to make parking policy recommendations for the business and commercial areas within the town, particularly but not exclusively in Arlington Heights, Arlington Center, and East Arlington. The Committee makes recommendations to the Select Board regarding public on-street and off-street parking, freight loading and unloading in the public way, on-street public transit stops, public bicycle and low-speed vehicle parking, and drop-off/pick-up areas for taxis and rideshare services. The Committee works as a governance group to review and report to the Board on the effectiveness of current town parking regulations affecting business and commercial areas, as well as impacts on abutting residential areas. This group also plays an advisory role regarding projects supported with funds from the Arlington Center Parking Benefit District and any future parking benefits districts created, as needed.

The Committee is made up of the following representatives:

1. Member or designee of the Select Board
2. Town Manager or designee
3. Member of the Transportation Advisory Committee
4. Representative from the Disability Commission
5. Representative from the Chamber of Commerce
6. Three (3) representatives from businesses or institutions in the above-defined areas of interest
7. Three (3) residents from the areas of interest or adjacent neighborhoods
8. Treasurer or designee
9. Community Safety Traffic Unit of the Arlington Police Department
10. Representative from the Department of Public Works
11. Representative from the Department of Planning and Community Development (ex officio)

For categories #5 and #6 above, the Town Manager shall make appointments, subject to the approval of the Select Board, seeking to balance geographical representation, experience, and business and institution profiles. Terms for these six individuals shall be for three years, and initial terms of residents and business/institution representatives shall be staggered.
The representative of the Department of Planning and Community Development shall serve in an ex officio capacity, with no vote. They shall be responsible for convening and conducting meetings, and for maintaining minutes and agendas, in accordance with the Open Meeting Law.