Poet Laureate Application

(ART. 13 – ATM - 4/30/14)

Section 1. Establishment of an Honorary Poet Laureate of Arlington

There is hereby established for the purposes of advancing the literary arts, enriching the community, and recognizing the literary achievements of Town residents, the honorary position of Poet Laureate of Arlington.

Section 2. Selection, Term and Criteria

Appointment of a Poet Laureate shall be for a term of one year, annually renewable for a total of three years based on the recommendation of a screening committee of five persons consisting of one person each designated by:

(a) The Library Board of Trustees (by majority vote)
(b) The Arlington School Committee (by majority vote)
(c) The Arlington Commission on Arts and Culture (by majority vote)
(d) Town Meeting Member (appointed by the Town Moderator)
(e) The Town Manager (with advice and consent of the Select Board):

and confirmed by the Select Board.

This honorary position shall be voluntary. Only Arlington residents shall be considered for appointment, and any person appointed as Poet Laureate of Arlington must at all times remain an Arlington resident during their term as Poet Laureate. In the event that a Poet Laureate is no longer a resident of Arlington during their term, the honorary position shall be construed to have been constructively vacated.

Section 3. Duties of the Poet Laureate

The duties of the Poet Laureate shall be to present original works of poetry, conduct readings and participate in public events and Town, public school and library programs as appropriate and practicable.