Section 1. Public Memorial Committee Established

There is hereby established a Public Memorial Committee established for the purpose of memorializing and officially recognizing those persons whose exemplary accomplishments have reflected credit and honor upon the Town of Arlington, in accordance with certain criteria established and set forth in writing by the Committee. Said Committee shall be the official source for memorialization of persons by the Town.

Section 2. Membership

The Committee shall consist of five registered voters of the Town, to be appointed by the Select Board. Two shall be appointed for a term of three years and two for a term of two years and one for a term of one year; all to serve until their respective successors are duly appointed and qualified. Thereafter, the said appointing authority to appoint annually such number of members as there are terms expiring in such year to serve for a period of three years and until their respective successors shall be duly appointed and qualified; vacancies to be filled by appointment in the same manner as original appointments for the period of the unexpired term; said Committee to choose annually from its members such officers as it shall deem advisable. No member of the Committee shall be an employee of the Town of Arlington or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Section 3. Veterans Subcommittee

The Committee shall be empowered to appoint a veterans' subcommittee composed of one representative from each of the veterans' organizations within the Town; said subcommittee to make recommendations of individuals to be considered by the Committee for memorialization as a result of exemplary military service.


Section 4. Other Subcommittees

The Committee shall also be empowered to appoint any other subcommittees which it deems necessary to assist in its work.