The School Facilities Working Group was created under Article 12 of the 1994 Special Town Meeting. Its charge has been revised over the years, most recently twice under Article 65 of the 2006 Annual Town Meeting.

ARTICLE 65 Alternatives Regarding Elementary School Program

Voted: That the Town does hereby request that the School Facilities Working Group (hereafter SFWG) to fulfill thoroughly and completely its obligations to develop, maintain and communicate plans to rebuild or renovate the Stratton and Thompson Schools, as previously directed by votes under Articles 74 and 61 of the 2003 and 2004 Annual Town Meetings, respectively. Specifically, that:

  • The SFWG is charged with the duty of diligently exploring the options to complete the rebuilding projects,
  • The SFWG shall report to Town Meeting on a preferred option and at least one alternative option for completing the projects, including plans of action for each, and
  • The SFWG plans shall include timetables and sources of funding, and shall be developed with input from the Principals of the Stratton and Thompson Schools, who shall be added to the membership of the SFWG,
  • Make and clearly state all assumptions necessary to formulate these plans, identifying to the best of its ability the risks associated with each assumption,
  • Update these plans from time to time, as new information becomes available or developments affecting the plans may occur, but in any event not less than once per year, and
  • Report on these plans, including progress against them and updates to them, in writing, annually to Town Meeting beginning in 2007 and continuing until the last project has begun construction, and also to the Stratton and Thompson communities in public meetings held at each school at least once during each school year, beginning with the present 2005-06 school year and continuing at each school until its respective project has begun construction.

Comment: The Board remains committed to the completion of the school rebuilding program and supports this 10 registered voters article that would reenergize the School Facilities Working Group and other Town officials in working towards the rebuilding and/or renovation of the Stratton and Thompson Schools.