Thorndike Place Comprehensive Permit Application

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Thorndike Place Hearing Continuance Letter  - June 8, 2020

Previous Submissions by Applicant 

1 Comprehensive Permit Arlington
2 Signed Cover Letter
3 Tabulation Data
4 Applicant Entity Information
5 Evidence of Site Control
6 Determination of Project Eligibility Mass Housing Letter
7 List of Requested Wavers
8 Traffic Impact Assessment Report
9 Sustainable Development Principals
10 Preliminary Site Development Plans 8.5x11
11 Preliminary Site Development Plans 8_11x17
12 Preliminary Landscape Plans 8.5x11
13 Preliminary Landscape Plans 11x17
14 Preliminary Architectural Plans and Elevations 8.5x11
15 Preliminary Architectural Plans and Elevations 11x17
16 Certified List of Abutters
17 Project Team & Contact Information

Revised Submissions by Applicants

Zoning By-laws
Arlington Zoning ByLaw thru April 2016

Completeness Review

ALR Response Completeness Review - 3/18/2020
Attachment B- 2020-03-16 Thorndike_Place Stamped Set
Attachment C - ArchitectDD.pg1_(00152858xBC4F6)
Attachment C - ArchitectDD.pg2_(00152859xBC4F6)
Attachment C- ArchitectDD.pg3_(00152860xBC4F6)
Attachment C - Pages 4, 5 and_9_Architectural Plans (00153059xBC4F6)
Attachment C-ArchitectDD.pg6_(00152863xBC4F6)
Attachment C -ArchitectDD.pg7_(00152920xBC4F6)
Attachment C - ArchitectDD.pg8_(00152921xBC4F6)
Attachment C - ArchitectDD.pg10_(00152925xBC4F6)
Attachments D-F_(00153045xBC4F6)

Transmittal Letters
Transmittal Letter - 3/19/2020
Transmittal Letter - 3/16/2020

Civil Drawings and Plans
Architectural Plan Set_updated_3-11-2020(00153359xBC4F6)
Thorndike Place Stamped Set - 3/16/2020

Thorndike Place Town Comment Letters

Town Comment Letters