Traffic Rules and Orders

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NOTE: The following Traffic Rules and Orders regulating traffic on the streets and highways of the Town of Arlington are hereby enacted by the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Arlington.

They were issued by the Board of Selectmen under authority of Section 22 of Chapter 40 of the General Laws of Massachusetts. Adopted Feb. 21,1955. Amended through Nov. 20, 2000.

Information provided by Lt. Kenneth Hughes of the Arlington Police Department.



Article I: Definitions

Article II: Authority And Duties Of Police

Article III: Traffic Signs, Signals, Markings And Zones

Article IV: Zones Of Quiet And Prohibited Riding

Article V: Parking

Article VI: One-Way Traffic

Article VII: Operation Of Vehicles

Article VII A: Towing

Article VIII: Accident Reports And Responsibilities

Article IX: Miscellaneous Provisions

Article X: Penalties And Procedure On Arrest

Article XI: Rescission And Effective Date

Article XII: Pedestrian Control Regulations