Article IV: Zones of Quiet and Prohibited Riding

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Section l.


(a) All the territory within two hundred feet of the premises of each hospital in this town is hereby created and established as a Zone of Quiet. The Chief of Police is hereby authorized to erect and maintain in a conspicuous manner within these areas such signs and markings as are necessary to designate them as Zones of Quiet.

(b) The Chief of Police may temporarily establish a Zone of Quiet upon any street where a person is seriously ill, if requested to do so by the written statement of the attending physician certifying to the necessity. Said temporary Zone of Quiet shall embrace all territory within a radius of two hundred (200) feet of the building occupied by the person named in the request of such physician. Such temporary Zone of Quiet shall be designated by the police by placing at a conspicuous place in the street an official sign.

(c) No person operating a motor vehicle within any designated and posted Zone of Quiet shall sound a horn or other warning device on said vehicle except in an emergency, nor shall such person make any loud or unusual noise in said Zone of Quiet.

Section 2.

CLINGING TO MOVING VEHICLES – No person traveling upon a sled, roller skates, coaster, skateboard, bicycle, moped, motorcycle or any toy vehicle shall cling to, or attach himself or such conveyance, to any other moving vehicle upon any roadway.


(a) No person shall ride on any portion of a motor vehicle or car not designed or intended for the use of passengers except that an employee or invitee of the owner of a truck may be permitted to ride in that part of the truck within which the load is usually carried.

(b) No person shall board or alight from a vehicle or car while it is in motion.