Article IX: Miscellaneous Provisions

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Section 1.

MOTOR VEHICLES LEFT UNATTENDED, BRAKES TO BE SET AND ENGINE STOPPED – No person having control or charge of a motor vehicle shall allow such vehicle to stand unattended on any street where there is a grade without turning the front wheels of such vehicle to the curb side of the street, nor shall such vehicle be left unattended at any place unless the engine has been stopped, the ignition locked, key removed, and the brakes set. Exception: West side of Park Avenue from point fifty (50) feet from Massachusetts Avenue to Paul Revere Road, right rear wheel to curb.

Section 2.

USE OF COASTER, ROLLER SKATES AND SIMILAR DEVICES RESTRICTED – It shall be unlawful for any person upon roller skates or riding in or by means of any coaster, toy vehicles, or similar device, to go upon any roadway except while crossing a street on a crosswalk.


In accordance with the provision of Chapter 89, Section 9 of the General Laws (Ter. Ed.) the following streets were declared to be Through Ways at a Town Meeting Held on April 2, 1930:

        Chestnut Street
        Massachusetts Avenue
        Medford Street
        Mystic Street
        Pleasant Street
        Warren Street

and were approved by the State Department of Public Works on August 12, 1930. Warren Street was declared a Through Way at a Town Meeting held on March 29, 1933 and was approved by the State Department of Public Works on July 18, 1933. Chestnut Street was declared a Through Way March 29, 1967.

The following streets are hereby authorized as Through Way and the erection of STOP signs upon ways intersecting therewith is authorized:

        BROADWAY – From Medford Street and Massachusetts Avenue to Somerville City line.
        CHESTNUT STREET – From Mystic Street to Medford Street.
        MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE – From Lexington line to Cambridge city line.
        MEDFORD STREET – From S. W. corner of Warren Street to Medford city line.
        MYSTIC STREET – From Massachusetts Avenue to Winchester town line.
        PLEASANT STREET – From Massachusetts Avenue to Belmont town line.
        WARREN STREET – From Broadway to Medford Street