2018 Town Meeting

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Special Town Meeting December 5, 2018 

Interactive Warrant for Special Town Meeting
Special Town Meeting Warrant (PDF)

Special Town Meeting Votes 

Reports to December 5 Special Town Meeting
Select Board
Redevelopment Board
Finance Committee
Capital Planning Committee
LGBTQIA+ Rainbow Commission

Additional References
Marijuana Study Committee
Article 2 Board of Health Information Sheet
Article 2 Planning Department Information Sheet

2018 Annual Town Meeting Dissolved on May 2, 2018

View the Interactive Town Meeting Warrant View the Interactive Special Town Meeting Warrant May 2, 2018

Town Meeting Voting
05/02/2018 Special Town Meeting
05/02/2018 Annual Town Meeting
04/30/2018 Annual Town Meeting
04/25/2018 Annual Town Meeting
04/23/2018 Annual Town Meeting


Read the letter from the Town Moderator
This letter includes a Consent Agenda for non-controversial, no action, and housekeeping Articles. One vote will be conducted, electronically, on all articles at once. 

Reports to Town Meeting
Select Board
Select Board Supplemental Report
Finance Committee
Vision 2020
Community Preservation Committee
Town Meeting Procedures Committee
Arlington Redevelopment Board
Capital Planning Committee
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
Master Plan Implementation Committee

Special Town Meeting May 2, 2018
Article 7 Reference - Gender Neutral Language

2018 Special Town Meeting February 12, 2018

Read the letter from the Town Moderator.

Interactive Special Town Meeting Warrant (includes relevant documents as provided)
Special Town Meeting Warrant (PDF)

Special Town Meeting Voting

Reports to Special Town Meeting
Select Board
Finance Committee
Arlington Redevelopment Board 
Capital Planning Committee